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    Rules and safety

    Queen ViRi

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    Rules and safety

    Post by Queen ViRi on Thu Nov 05, 2015 5:32 pm

    Okay, here's the deal.

    There's all the stuff in the terms of use you probably didn't read, so I'm just going to highlight a few obvious rules and some safety tips.

    My main rules are:

    1) Don't be a bully!
    If someone tells you that you are upsetting them stop what you're doing and either leave that person alone or just change the subject. If you become a cyber bully you will receive no warning, you will simply be banned. Your warning is being told to stop and I will not stand for bullies.

    2) Trolls belong under bridges, not in forums.
    Do not intentionally upset a group of people just for the fun of it.

    3) Political correctness is a CHOICE.
    If you are offended by someone because they said something that isn't politically correct, just don't talk to them. There is nothing I hate more than censorship. Speak your mind and let the haters hate.

    4) There is a difference between constructive criticism and trolling.
    Don't report a troll if he's just using constructive criticism. Constructive criticism consists of using logical and well thought out arguments to support why you don't like something i.e. if someone doesn't like a show because they thing the writing and character development is flawed, that is constructive. Simply stating that it's stupid in a place where fans are talking about it is trolling.

    5) Don't lie to me
    Don't report someone for cyber bullying just because you don't like them. If you do that and I catch you, you will be banned on the spot.

    Now, onto safety.

    For the record, these are not rules, they're just suggestions

    1) Don't give out personal information, especially if you are under the age of 18.

    2) If you want to meet someone do so in a public place with friends or family. If they do not want to meet you under those conditions then there may be a plot afoot.

    3) Don't let a cyber bully get you too far down. They are nothing more than pathetic human beings with nothing better to do than senselessly flame and troll people. Remember that. You are worth something more than that.

    Alright, that's all, but be sure to check back here every now and then just in case I add something!

    Please post a cheers so I know you read it <3

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